AUSTIN, TX (April 1, 2015) - Austin’s premier entertainment conglomerate, GDI, unveiled its plans today to build Austin’s first vertical entertainment district. Inspired by the skyscraping monoliths of Dubai and Taiwan, the building will combine residential space with restaurants, nightclubs, and a premier shopping plaza.

“I wanted to bring Austin to the international entertainment stage. We are known as the ‘live music capital of the world’, but our current selection of venues are just too ‘Texas’. What Austin needs is an iconic building, something that no other city has” says Michael Girard, CEO of GDI. His vision is to create a monolithic skyscraper, which can be seen for miles around the city.

While the exact design plans have not been officially released at this time, we have been allowed to see the initial draw ups of the building. The iconic structure will feature a sleek modern design, and will house all the amenities one would expect in a world class entertainment district, including a rooftop pool bar, several floors of nightclubs and bars, restaurants, recording studios, and residential and commercial spaces. GDI’s existing venues will occupy several floors of the building. Speakeasy will remain on the bottom 2 floors, while TenOak and Imperia will occupy floors 3 and 4, respectively. Terrace59 will move from its existing location on the 3rd floor rooftop patio of the current Speakeasy building all the way to the top of the highrise.

Girard says he got the idea during a vacation in Dubai last year. After a night of heavy drinking, he was walking through the entertainment district and and got the idea to give Austin a more international flare right on Congress Avenue. “The buildings there are so modern and striking, housing world class restaurants, lounges and bars. I had a dream to make Austin the Dubai of the West!” Later, he contacted Wright, and asked if he could design a modern, iconic building for Austin. Wright, a long time admirer of the Austin music scene, loved the idea and started drawing up the plans right away. “It really was kismet!” says Girard.

Construction is slated to begin in October 2016 at the current site of Speakeasy, located on the main street of Texas, Congress Avenue. If everything goes according to plan, Austin partygoers will be partying hard in the GDI Vertical Entertainment District by New Years Eve 2020.

For more information contact GDI, 512-477-2789 ext 3. Happy April Fool's Day!

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GDI Announces Plans For Vertical Entertainment District